Patience In Your Path

August 15, 2019 | Written by Monica Bey

Everything in your life happens exactly when it is supposed to. Your soul knows why it’s here and follows a divine path. There’s power in patience and trusting in the divine timing of your path. 

We often get distracted by what we’re not getting in our lives, whether it’s the dream job, or the ideal spouse or partner that we’ve determined is ours. When people continually focus on what’s lacking, it makes it hard to manifest the things that they desire, thus they remain in a place of discontent and negativity. Choosing to stay too long in these emotions can result in maintaining an atmosphere of negative energy, which will have the opposite effect of success and prosperity.  

Learning how to be patient requires an intense faith, a lot of confidence and a reservoir of self-trust. The learning process may be different for everyone. While individual journeys to patience may differ, keeping in mind the following three steps can universally help in living out your path.

The three steps to patience are pause, prepare, and persevere. 

Because these three steps are all dependent on each other, they provide a simple blueprint for anyone looking to develop more patience.


The world around us is constantly shifting and moving. It is important to be flexible in our expectations of timing. There is power in a good moment of pause. Pausing can allow us to take a step outside of our emotions, actions, and reactions and help us determine how to take our best next step forward. It’s important that we take the steps that are in line with our paths and where we should be heading. Look internally at your needs, wants and desires. Evaluate what’s most important. This is how you connect with your soul to practice accessing your internal wisdom. Doing this often will help with effective decision-making and help you understand timing and flexibility as a whole, which will automatically create the proper foundation for patience. 


The more we do something, the better at it we become and we begin to create habits. The key is to understand that just because we do something over and over, doesn’t guarantee our desired results in the end. This is why practicing how to pause is vital. The more you pause, the more in tune with your soul and your guiding forces you become, which allows wisdom and positive energy to flow through you. Maintaining positive energy in your atmosphere has a direct relation to manifestation, which can aid in receiving what you want and desire for your life. Understanding divine timing and aligning with it allows all of your manifestations to come to you more easily. 


Now that you’ve learned how to pause and practice, here comes the hard part…perseverance! This applies directly to YOU and can make all the difference in your path! You may have to practice the pause a number of times before that one life-changing moment that you’ve been waiting for happens.. Sometimes staying the course, means not giving in to depression, discouragement or any setbacks you are sure to encounter. Life has a way of finding you in moments of vulnerability to test you…power through them! You have the knowledge and capability to practice your pause and overcome life’s challenges in stride so that you can stay on a positive path. 

There’s always a reason why something didn’t happen when you thought it was supposed to. It’s always in your best interest to stay on the side of patience. Something better has been orchestrated behind the scenes and you’ll find out when the timing is right. Remember that pause, practice and perseverance is the key to unlocking patience in your path. Focus on that, and greatness is sure to come!