The Power of Energy Healing

June 1, 2020 | Written by Monica Bey

People often ask, “What is energy healing?” when I tell them what I do. They are often unfamiliar with the phrase because it’s not something that is regularly talked about. Since energy healing can change your life for the better, I’d like to break it down for you.

Energy healing is a category of healing that uses spiritual energy to heal the body, mind and spirit. There are many energy healing traditions from all corners of the world that date back thousands of years. Some differ in the techniques and client experiences, but at their core, they are effective for healing various ailments, whether they be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

Everything that happens to us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually starts on the energy level. Therefore, when you correct the energy, you are fixing the root problem. This why energy healing is so effective for so many ailments and usually has longer-lasting effects than mainstream methods.

As an energy healer, I’ve explored just about all of the known healing methods around the world and mixed them with my original techniques to craft a unique healing system. Throughout my practice, I’ve found the following to be some of the general  benefits of energy healing:

Energy healing promotes complete emotional wellness and clarity.

Emotional blocks and patterns caused by past trauma, stress, anxiety, depression and even spirituality can have major effects on your overall state of wellness. Sometimes these blockages are not always obvious, so allowing an energy healer to tap into the body’s energies can make all the difference in identifying and then removing these blocks so they no longer affect you going forward.

Energy healing can help with removing past traumas.

Part of who we are and what determines our actions (and reactions) to different things come from experiences that we have dealt with in the past. Energy healing can uncover and get rid of old issues that you may still be holding onto. This makes a world of difference in your life.

Energy healing can promote physical healing.

Negative energies, thoughts, feelings and experiences that you hold onto create energy blockages. These blocks can then have a detrimental effect on your physical body over time. This can cause things like arthritis, numbness, pain, fibroids, migraines, skin issues, anxiety, muscle issues, neurological issues and much more. By removing these negative energies and healing the body, in most cases the physical body will begin to be corrected, which can lead to improved physical wellness.

Remember, everything starts on the energy level, so the root cause of everything is energy. The next time you feel like you may be dealing with a physical ailment, emotional trauma or even spiritual crossroads, consider visiting a trusted and trained energy healer as an alternative and usually faster method of healing.

(*I am not a doctor and this treatment is not a substitute for medical treatment.)