Episode 17: Unstoppable

Episode 17: Unstoppable

What does it mean to have true fortitude and let nothing hold you back from making it to the top? Comedienne, actress, host and franchisee, Kiana Dancie, tells us all about her journey to success, as well as all the pitfalls she’s had along the way. From being let go from the hit show, Sister Circle, to finding her way back to herself, Kiana sits down with Monica Bey for a candid discussion on life, entrepreneurship and what keeps her going in the midst of it all. The audience will learn about how to effectively manage wearing multiple hats while even using laughter to heal the soul. To learn more about Kiana, visit KianaDancie.com or follow her @KianaDancie.


About Kiana Dancie:

Having always been the life of the party with a dynamic personality, and a glowing smile, The Kiana Dancie has shared several dramatic and colorful life experiences on her sold out “Single In The City” comedy tour across the country.  She is a powerhouse of a comedienne, speaker, media personality, actress & entrepreneur on and off stage.  She’s been featured on the hit TV ONE show “Who’s Got Jokes?” with Bill Bellamy, where she destroyed the stage and Bounce TV’s second season of “Off The Chain”, where, the host Rodney Perry introduced her as a beast!  She is a former co-host of TV One’s nationally syndicated talk show, “Sister Circle Live.”  After taping an amazing set on the Kevin Hart LOL stage at the 2018 Montreal Comedy Festival (The largest and oldest comedy festival in the world) she is ready to blaze comedy stages, festivals and any television shows that comes her way!! She is  currently  featured in two movies. “One Crazy Christmas” a BETHer Feature and SEXTUPLETS with Marlon Wayans for Netflix and as a new Franchise owner of a CPR- CELL PHONE REPAIR  franchise, she is truly building an empire! 

Born in Cleveland, OH. but raised in the beautiful city of Atlanta GA, she receives praises for her ability to entertain the masses with her clever comedy without sacrificing the art.  She is the oldest child of a single, college educated woman who she assisted in raising her little brother who is 14 years her junior.  As a HOPE scholar and proud graduate of Georgia Southern University (Marketing, 2001), Kiana speaks to young women about maintaining high self-esteem and the power of owning your flaws, to write the laws! She’s a dog lover and a self proclaimed mother’s girl, who loves a good yard or estate sale!! Her amazing talent and unique perspective has labeled her as the voice for the empowered; and has afforded her priceless opportunities to share the big stage with the Academy Award-winning actress and comedienne Mo’Nique along with other comedians such as Nephew Tommy, Sheryl Underwood, George Wallace, Katt Williams, Cedric The Entertainer and Earthquake. 

Her assertiveness, confidence, faith, sharp wit and never-ending ambition are a few of the characteristics that have led to her success as an entertainer and entrepreneur.  In the Fall of 2019, Kiana will release the first of many novels, “Bye Bye Bags! Laughing To Lighten The Load” where she discusses how she laughed herself whole!!