Episode 25: Self Healing

Episode 25: Self Healing

We can all use a little bit of self healing! Conscious Creative and CEO of Atlanta Music TV, Carvas “City” Jones joins Monica Bey for a deep discussion about faith, belief and overall consciousness. Together they explore the process of creation along with how the body responds to thoughts and feelings. The audience will learn about City’s catalyst into the conscious community and his life’s purpose as well as how he uses manifestation to achieve everything he wants and desires both personally and professionally. To learn more about Carvas “City” Jones, follow @ceocityamt or @atlantamusictv.



About Carvas “City” Jones:

City is a creative that is actively making an impact in the city of Atlanta through his dedication to his vision and purpose to create opportunities for other creatives through creating a streaming platform, Atlanta Music Tv. 

City is the Founder and CEO of Atlanta Music Television, and a Legal Consulting Firm at Urgent Legal Services and he also sits on the  Executive Board of Real Azul Tequila.

City is not only a Business Owner, he is a Writer, Film  Director, Author, Creative, Public Speaker He is currently working on his book “Your Thoughts Create” which is soon to be published. 



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Mission Statement:

Atlanta Music Televisionis a Visual Media Streaming Network, with a mission to produce and stream content that highlights creatives progressively working toward their dreams in Music, Film, Television, Art, Fashion, Sports, Entertainment and Business.  It is also our mission to create opportunities for our viewers to become inspired by our content, to then create there dreams by seeing other creatives and how they are making their dreams a reality.

Our Goals:

Our goal is to to collaborate with creatives and organizations in the communities we serve, to bring quality programming, learning opportunities and economic development to our region. 

How will we do this:

We set out to create and stream content with a focus on delivering original production as well as content through partnership with organizations, movie studios, publishers, and digital media companies. Our viewers will enjoy a broad array of content which will include  Artist, Music, Film, TV Shows, Movies, Sports, Lifestyle, and Art.  We will become one of the top content streaming networks in the country.

His overall goal is to assist people with discovering their purpose by awakening the consciousness and awareness of a every person that he connects with.