Episode 26: Cultivating A Mindset For Manifestation

Episode 26: Cultivating A Mindset For Manifestation

Creating a life that you don’t need a vacation from takes deep thought and intentional subconscious programming. Monica Bey learns all this and more from Master NLP, Success Coach, and owner of The Sassy Nation, Talia Witherspoon. Together, these ladies touch on everything needed to strive towards a mindset for manifestation including moving energy around, walking in your purpose and your overall relationship with yourself. The audience will hear special tips from Talia on dealing with failure and the “onlyness” syndrome. To learn more about Talia Witherspoon, visit http://thesassynation.com or follow @thesassynation.



About Talia Witherspoon:

Meet Talia Witherspoon, a free-spirited writer, Master NLP Mindset & Success Coach, and spiritual gangster of tech. Talia helps 9-5ers and entrepreneurs tap into their purpose, so they can create a fulfilled life they don’t need a vacation from. 

With over eight years of professional experience, Talia brings battle-tested solutions to the table for her private and tech clients, spanning everything from mindset-hacking in employee resource group workshops to one-on-one help with overcoming “only-ness” syndrome. 

Featured in Griot’s Republic, and a highly requested speaker and panelist, Talia's signature style of wellness advocacy resonates with innovators and action-takers who desire to walk in their power and create the life of their dreams.

People love working with Talia because of her otherworldly insights on the application of universal laws, success rituals for everyday life, and impassioned commitment to helping them use proven mindset biohacks to create their version of a freedom-based lifestyle.