Mind Advancement Method℠

The Mind Advancement Method℠ is a unique service created by me, Monica Bey, which uses a natural state of selective, focused attention to create significant transformations, using the subconscious mind. Too often, our minds work against us instead of for us. With Mind Advancement Method℠ sessions, you can now have the upper hand and get your mind to work for you to help move you forward!

Whatever your goals, Mind Advancement Method℠ sessions can help you achieve them from wherever you are. Many people don’t realize the power that their subconscious mind has over their lives. The causes of so many “bad habits” and phobias are rooted in memories or perceptions that may be forgotten by the conscious mind but retained in the subconscious. These sessions help to access the subconscious mind and affect the desired changes easier and faster. This is why I name it Mind Advancement Method℠. It gives us the power to not only remove the things holding you back mentally, but to advance your mind beyond your previous expectations!

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