My Story
After more than a decade of grit and hard work to climb from the bottom to the top of a publicly traded finance company, Monica Bey, walked away from it all to pursue a more meaningful, spiritual, and emotionally fulfilling career of helping others realize their divine purpose and true life path. She went back to her roots—revisiting and using the power of her natural abilities to help others redirect the mission of their lives to one of authenticity and empowerment.
Some years ago,
I walked away from a lucrative career at a finance company to live a life that meant more to me than a paycheck. For 13 years, I’d worked at the same company. I started as a bill collector on the phones and swiftly worked my way up the corporate ladder to earn the title of Vice President. Life was great! Money was flowing, I was reaching success after success and I was going full speed head.I even got to ring the bell on the NASDAQ exchange and have it broadcasted in Times Square.
I was patient zero
One day in 2005, while putting lotion on my legs, my hand became paralyzed. It folded into itself and I could not move it no matter how I tried. That spawned 2 years of health issues as my body began breaking down on me. I ended up with partial and temporary paralysis in both my hands and legs. I went from doctor to doctor, taking every test you can think of, but they all came back normal. I was misdiagnosed with so many things. No one knew what was going on, but clearly something was wrong.

Through a series of divine events, I eventually realized it was brought on by stress and overworking myself. I had no idea at the time what stress built up over time could do to a person physically. With this knowledge in hand, I took myself off all of the medication they had me on (against doctor’s orders) and decided to use my natural healing abilities to take matters into my own hands and heal myself. After 6 months and much trial and error, I was able to heal myself and have never had any further issues. I had to heal myself from partial paralysis, a severe stress disorder, anxiety disorder and severe depression. I’m thankful for this experience because it made me into the healer I am today and is what spawned my journey to force me onto my path.

I thought I had it all.

After I healed myself, I continued my work as an Executive, but one day I realized I was bored and unfulfilled despite all of the material signs of success. I needed a change and had to decide what that meant for me. What would I do that would bring out the best in not just my business skills, but my passion, my truth, my divine purpose for living?

After getting in tune with myself and doing a lot of soul searching and meditation to connect with the universe, I discovered my life purpose, which is helping people evolve as spiritual beings in a human experience. When I left my high-paying career to start something completely different, it was a major risk and leap of faith. I was daunted by the fact I was giving up “job security,” but sure of my decision to satisfy my soul. Guess what? It was the absolutely the best decision I’ve ever made! I have never been happier and more fulfilled with my career.

When I was preparing to leave my corporate job, I decided to build on my innate talents by furthering my studies into energy, the subconscious mind and metaphysics and developing my gifts more. I also became a Certified Reiki Master, Life Coach and Hypnotist. I blend these modes of healing to create a completely unique approach to fixing people’s lives and leading them to their divine purpose.

I’m Monica Bey

And I’m an International Metaphysical Healer & Spiritual Teacher. I’m also Certified in Cellular Biology from Harvard, a Psychic Medium, Metaphysics Expert, Business Strategy Coach, Hypnotist and Life Coach. I use all of these tools to transform lives in a deep and powerful way. I’m also the creator of the Mind Advancement Method™ and Soul Revelation Method™. I help people discover their power and open their spiritual gifts in order to live a life that is both successful and fulfilling. This is my purpose and my passion. High intuition, the ability to see energy itself and the skill to influence it to heal people—these are some of my natural gifts.

I am a natural spiritual warrior

Who fights and conquers the negative things inside of people that hold them back. Through spirit channeling and direct communication with universal energies, God, or whatever you want to call that source energy, I have been gifted with wisdom and knowledge of various techniques that tremendously speeds up life transformations.

People come to me

Feeling unhappy, powerless, lost or just unsure of where to go in their lives or how to get there. Then after working with them and seeing the major transformations—going from that state of confusion to now being enlightened and driven toward their purpose—that is what brings me true fulfillment!

I am in love with living a life that guides and often lifts people from the depths of despairs to heights they hadn’t imagined possible for themselves. I am living my purpose in helping others live theirs.

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