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An Amazing Transformation 

Choosing to work with Monica has been the best decision and investment I’ve made in my life! I’m amazed at her knowledge, grace and skill with what she does. She’s has truly made a difference in my life already. My thinking patterns, emotional health and clarity of purpose has growth in leaps and bounds in the short time we’ve been working together thus far. I have never felt happier and more resolute about my life and my path. Thank you, Monica!

Kelly Gosslin

Life Changing

It didn't take long for me to realize Monica was going to impact my life in a positive way. I am now a better person bc of her & her gifts. I have since referred a number of my friends and family, all of whom have given me amazing feedback about how positive & life changing her different treatments have been. I would recommend Monica to anyone wanting help in any area of their life & for guidance. Thank you Monica for everything you have been helping me with! I feel so blessed to have met you!!

Georgette G

Heaven Sent’

Monica came into my life at a time when I was struggling mentally, emotionally, and physically. Under Monica’s guidance I’ve experienced phenomenal breakthroughs. I thank God for her. She is extremely gifted and I highly recommend her services.

Ebony Goodrich

Always amazing experience

I’ve worked with many healers in the past but none are quite like Monica. Her distance healings have been very profound and have helped me achieve several energetic releases.



I'm will admit that I was nervous and skeptical but at a point in my life that I needed something. My friend went to her and had amazing results, so I decided to make an appointment and I'm sold! I can already tell the difference! Looking forward to my next session.



From my initial consultation with Monica, I am determined to acquire her services. I felt very comfortable discussing my needs and answering questions. I look forward to starting a program in the near future. 

Nina Lee

Excellent first experience

The first experience i had with Monica was excellent, she absolutely nailed it:) I would suggest her to everybody that need this kind of help! Thanks Monica!


New Beginning

I've struggled with recent negative issues that was affecting my relationship. Monica has helped take out all the negative energy and made them positive and now I'm looking forward to a great future with my soon to be wife!!

Juan O

Transformational Healing

I've worked with healers for many years but am always hesitant to try someone new. I was referred to Monica through a friend who raved about her abilities to help transform people. I gave it a try and had a very powerful first session. I felt a lot of peace for many days following our session and have had some energy blocks removed. This sort of therapy for me is profound in helping breakthrough personal barriers and create bliss and balance in my life.


Quitting smoking

Monica was very professional and caring. She did a great job I have not had a cigarette for over three weeks. I highly recommend her services, I am glad that I went to her.

Nancy Facuse

Professional Trusted Services

Monica is absolutely an amazing person. My my first interview and meeting with her I am already excited to start working with her and I feel better and know I found the person and services for myself and my family. Setup a meeting with her and sure you will be happy you did and enjoy a better life. Excited to start healing Anthony Williams.

Anthony Williams

Energy Healing

Most of my life I had a deep feeling that something was off but could never figure out. We only had one session but I am already feeling lighter. I looking forward to more sessions with her.

Gina Ruiz

Forever Grateful

Most of my life I had a deep seeded feeling that something was off but could never figure out what it was. I sought the help of multiple medical doctors and various holistic practitioners. It wasn’t until I met Monica that I found relief. She removed a lot of negative energy, suppressed my anxiety response and has given me so much hope for a happier future. She has changed my life and I will be forever grateful. I'm looking forward to working with her as student in the future!

Jessica L

Great service as usual

Monica was extremely helpful as usual, she was quickly able to identify the source of my stress and cramping as hormonal and balanced out my energy accordingly. I love coming back to her and re-balancing my crazy body as I work towards becoming the person I want to be in life!



I've been looking for something like this for a long time. Been to many places, but Monica resolved a ton of issues! Ones that were blocked, and backwards. I can't thank her enough! Feel fulfilled and peaceful!

Lisa Demers.

Energy healing

I am very thankful for this practice. The energy work helps to transform my thinking and how I move through the world. I felt clearer and practically brand new with a more positive outlook. I felt more calm and less angry like a weight was lifted Definitely needed and I am entirely grateful



I've never had a reiki healing session before. I've always had gone to doctors for depression and anxiety. I'm so glad I went. After my first session, as the day(s) went by my negative thoughts dissolved and felt energized. I'm looking forward to my next session. Thank you! 

Jeanne K

Monica is Great!

Monica has helped me tremendously. She is a lovely lady, a wonderful Healer, Life Coach, and Listener!!!!


Needed to know about my life

My session with Monica was very professional and on point. She took her time explain to me what I didn't understand and was accurate. This was perfect timing for me and been looking to do this for a while now. I'm glad I finally did it and learn a lot. Looking forward to telling my friends about the service.

James Pierre

Found the missing piece to my lifes’ puzzle!

My session with Monica was AMAZING and life altering. She was very kind, compassionate & made things very simple. The energy at SJHWC was inviting, uplifting and positive. I had quite a few revelations, released some negative energies and learned a WHOLE lot in a 2 hour session. Monica is patient and hands-on, she went the extra mile in explaining every question I had. She taught me things I never knew existed. This was the best investment I made in myself. I will be back for more!


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